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You may download our certificate of Quality and Environmental Management System as well as our certificate for BS OHSAS 18001 from our server for printing on your local printer.

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Huntsman P&A Wasserchemie GmbH – Your first port of call when it comes to water treatment

We are one of Europe's biggest suppliers of highly effective flocculants – and we also become closely involved with our customers, forming a partnership to provide on-site solutions for industry and local authorities.

Our experience which extends over 30 years, our product innovation and wide geographical coverage pays off for our customers in term of low pollution levels, not to mention in Euros and Cents.

Polyaluminium chlorides (PAC) form the basis of our products. They ensure that water pollutants agglomerate to form flakes which can be easily removed by mechanical filtration at a later stage. Achievement of the optimum result with the minimum use of chemical is an obligation for us — and we achieve this result by drawing on our technological expertise, know-how and willingness to innovate. But, in our book, there is more to expert solutions than this – we also add a combination of product quality and enthusiastic service.

And we also take “local presence” literally, delivering quickly and reliably from three production locations and an extensive network of distribution partners. We maintain an on-going dialogue with our customers for on-the-spot optimization of processes and, in conjunction with our large customers, continuously develop our products.

We are not short of water, but we are short of clean water. Huntsman P&A Wasserchemie water treatment chemicals help to use water sparingly and in tune wit the environment. We have been a reliable partner for companies and local authorities and all others involved in water and waste water for over 30 years.

Our special chemicals allow water to be cleaned and prepared reliably. We are partners to all companies and organizations, when it's all about preparing water, cleaning water and developing eco-friendly re-circulatory systems.